Upholstery Cleaning

Which Upholstery Cleaning Package is for you?

We offer a variety of affordable upholstery cleaning services at Foam Frenzy. Choose a package that suits you — there are four to choose from:

Clean your upholstery every six months and receive 15% off every cleaning!!

Basic Frenzy
Standard Frenzy

with Scotch Guard
Standard Frenzy

with Vacuuming
Thorough Frenzy


Couch Cleaning:$65
Love Seat Cleaning:$50
Chair Cleaning:$35
Couch Cleaning:$80
Love Seat Cleaning:$65
Chair Cleaning:$50
Couch Cleaning:$80
Love Seat Cleaning:$65
Chair Cleaning:$50
Couch Cleaning:$95
Love Seat Cleaning:$80
Chair Cleaning:$65
Look at Concerns or Areas that Need Attention
Removes More Dirt
Removes Unwanted Smells
Low-Moisture Foam Cleaning
Scrubs the Dirt Out
Air Circulation
Fans to Speed Up Drying Time
Post-Cleaning Inspection
Ensure There Are No Missed Spots
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
10% Off Your Next Cleaning
Scotch Guard Treatment
To Help Prevent Spills and Spots
Performed In Addition to Carpet Cleaning
Loose Fibre Grooming
Removes Unattractive Loose Fibres
Evenly Spreads Protection and Allows Better Air Circulation to Dry Fibres

Located in Belle River, ON and serving all surrounding areas, Foam Frenzy is a full-service carpet & upholstery cleaning company. We provide excellent service, paying close attention to the specific needs of our customers. For a free quote, or for more details, give us a call today at (519) 919-3313.