Residential Testimonials

Super job. The place looks and smells awesome (no chemical smell – just fresh). Super friendly, efficient and flexible too!

Serrah Gossman

Extremely Satisfied! Carpets look 100X better! We’ve used other carpet cleaners in the past, 2-3 at least, and never had the carpets look as good as they did today.

Susan Johns

I am very pleased. Renée managed to get out all the marks out of my carpets. She was on time, professional, and made a follow up call the next day. I shall recommend her services anytime.

Sue Malone

Initially when we got our new home, our friends thought we would need to replace the carpet. However, after the carpet was cleaned these same friends couldn’t believe it was the same carpet.

Catherine Villegas

Representative was very polite and provided great explanations without false promises or creating unreasonable expectations. There is nothing to be dissatisfied about.

Slavisa Simovic

Fast drying time. Great results.

Melissa Gascoyne

I liked the finished outcome of my carpet and the fact that I had everything explained to me in a clear manner.

Tom Brown

I can testify that Foam Frenzy is an excellent choice for carpet cleaning. Renee Riendeau is a very professional person as well as knowledgeable in her carpet cleaning experience. I have been using her company for at least 7 visits to both of our homes and am very satisfied with the results of her carpet cleaning.

Diane Sepetanc

Hi Renee, I'm really happy with the carpet cleaning job. I vacuumed this week and it came out beautifully. All the stains were gone. You did a fantastic job.

Theresa Comelli

I was impressed because the owner did the work! Renee was thorough in every way, spending time in areas I couldn't reach! She is one hard worker and everything is restored to its original luster! Thanks Renee.

Thelma Turner

The furniture looked brand new and smelled great. Thanks for your hard work Renee.

Marilee Matte

Great, punctual, friendly service. You feel very special after a visit from Foam Frenzy.

Renka Gesing

Perfection. A-1 service. Thanks Renee for top quality service. You cannot get any better.

Mary Marshall

I heard positive recommendations from others. I wanted a thorough, quality car cleaning - which is what I received. Timely service. Quality job. Friendly and personable.

Pamela Freeman

I was very satisfied because they know their stuff.

Dave Laframboise

My sister had her carpet cleaned by dry foam carpet cleaning, and she said it turned out great. We received a Foam Frenzy cleaning card in the mail, so we thought we would try it. Renee does excellent work and also has a very pleasant personality.

Doug Roberts

Personal Service!! Also solved the musty problem. Thanks. Keep up the great work and change nothing.

Ian Russell

For age and colour, carpets came out extremely good!

Pat Marshall

Renee works hard and takes pride in her job!

Laura Stainer

The price was right and the floors came out great.

Rebecca Lemay
Belle River

The couch looks fantastic!!

Deb Shanks

The cleaning was very well done.

Gisele Sullens

Very prompt. Much care was given to special areas and needs.

Lillian Sylvester

Commercial Testimonials

The carpet looks great. As a museum we have extra heavy foot traffic combined with fragile artifacts. Foam Frenzy did a good job meeting our special requirements.

Janet Cobban
John R. Park Homestead, Harrow

Cheaper than previous company, much better results, excellent customer service.

John-Marc Vachon
General Manager, Wendy's Restaurants

I was satisfied because of her professionalism and good work.

Mark Muscat
Owner, STS

Pleased with results and customer service. The programming board looks like new!

Colette Russo
Activity Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living

You got stains out that I thought were impossible. Great job!

Jenny Stephenson
Unique Cleaning, Leamington

Complete, fast and friendly service.

Dr. Charles Zhao

I definitely received a worthy amount of work for my money. We shared business cards. I loved the uniform, very professional! They were prepared and gave a thorough explanation of services.

Tammy Reid
R & R Studio Spa, Harrow

Renée did a fabulous job of the carpet. She was great about re-doing the couch cushion that had watermarks from a previous cleaning attempt – yes she got the stain out!

Jess Webb
Web Marketing, Windsor