Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Carpet Cleaning Services in Windsor Ont.


Renee always provides the highest quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Windsor with an emphasis on customer care. Our Earth Friendly carpet cleaning foam makes us unique from other services in the industry and we have many happy client testimonials who were glad to tell people about our trusted services.

FoamFrenzy Carpet Cleaning Services Windsor is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  Through our detailed Earth Friendly Foam Cleaning Method we are able to create a truly deep clean on every visit. 

Renee at FoamFrenzy has seen it all and is specifically qualified to remove dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens and stains using professional, proven, and environmentally responsible foam cleaning methods to renew your space to its original beauty.  Don’t replace, Renew! your home’s carpets.

Investing in professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, together with Renee’s years of carpet experience, she will remove any stubborn stain, dirt and pet urine that are embedded deep within the carpet fibers. 

These contaminants can cause unwanted health issues as well as leave your carpet flat, hard and smelling foul. FoamFrenzy will treat, scrub and extract all those harmful dirt and debris leaving your carpets smelling fresh and renewed.


Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Renee From Foam Frenzy


Reasons to Use Our Cleaning Services in Windsor


Many homeowners and businesses want a clean looking carpet, but many people have some misconceptions about what a complete carpet cleaning can do for your health and your home…. Think about the following points for carpet cleaning Windsor Ont.


  1. Dirt can be abrasive, so that means carrying dirt to other parts of your home as well as cutting your carpet fibers making your carpet look more warn. If you have laminate or hardwood near by this could mean scratches and that gross unclean feeling underfoot.

  2. Smell  is one thing but do you ever wonder about what could be causing that smell? We want our floors to smell fresh, but when you smell musty carpet it means exactly that, mildew, mold and who knows what else….Yuck.

  3. Fresh Air carpets can be a long standing feature in your home. Going along with the above point is all of the pollens, fungus, and or chemicals that can be caught in your carpet from years of use. Anyone who has allergies can tell you how fresh your carpet is.

  4. Not Everyone has Time to Do Carpet Cleaning We not only use industrial grade professional carpet cleaning equipment that is environmentally friendly, but we are also trained on the proper use of not only our equipment but any of the carpet cleaning solutions and chemicals that may be needed to clean a home thoroughly. Getting the job done quickly and thoroughly.

  5. Price in today’s day and age it seems like price determines everything, where the cheapest quote wins every time. We provide different price points for everyone’s needs and even offer 10% discount for repeat customers! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and it shows by our word of mouth, referrals and customer testimonials.

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