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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Posted By on Oct 11, 2017


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services   Treat yourself to a deeper level of clean without lifting a finger with Foam Frenzy professional carpet cleaning services! Whether you are dealing with stubborn stains, looking to make a good impression on holiday guests, or just hoping to get more freshness out of your carpeted and upholstered furniture, you can count on Renee to get the job done. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our efforts to provide affordable and thorough professional carpet cleaning services that would also win the approval of Mother Nature.     Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions   We use Earth-friendly ECO foam for all of our professional carpet cleaning services. It’s a cleaning solution that’s perfectly safe for kids, pets, and of course, carpets! It’s also a low-moisture type of carpeting cleaning that makes it easier to vacuum the dirty foam without leaving behind drenched carpets with extra long drying times. This approach to cleaning is an example of our commitment to offering much-appreciated peace of mind and reliable, minimally disruptive results for our customers in Windsor and the Essex County area. We want your carpets professionally cleaned, then get you back to your normal routine.       Foam Frenzy Professional Carpet Cleaning Company   All four of our professional carpet cleaning packages we offer start with a field assessment. This is when our carpet cleaning team will evaluate your carpets to determine the most appropriate approach to your carpet cleaning needs. We also do pre-spraying and deodorization to help remove dirt and unpleasant odors, including pet-related smells. After many years in the industry we have come across what really works and what is urban myth when it comes to cleaning.     Our attention to detail includes placing protective plastic under furniture legs to prevent staining on top of newly cleaned carpets and using fans to speed up drying times. And we’ll do a final inspection with you after all work is done to ensure nothing is overlooked.     We also offer carpet cleaning options that include hand scrubbing, vacuuming, the removal of unattractive loose fibers, and grooming and brushing. Don’t forget to ask about our Scotch Guard treatments for your furniture to minimize issues with spills and stains between cleanings.       The Importance of Professional Carpeting Cleaning Services   About 80 percent of carpet stains are “dry” from dirt and debris that naturally comes into your home or business. The rest are stains primarily consisting of spills, starches, oil, and other grease. What a professional carpeting cleaning does is get the dirt that’s deeper in carpet fibers and not easily...

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