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Carpet Cleaning Services May 2017



Hello Clients and Friends!


Well I’m back into the swing of things again. 

It was nice to get away to some warm weather. 

I hope to be wearing shorts again soon.

I know everyone is looking forward to the warm weather and enjoying the outdoors!

Thank you to those great clients who referred in March and April:

Natalie Enns
Tasha Slater
Heather St. Pierre
Kirsey Agne

Thank you to the great clients who booked in March and April!

The winner for the March Review Draw is:

Shannon Pogue!

There wasn't a winner for April, so make sure to post one in May!

Thank you to those who posted reviews!

See you soon!


Buy New or Re-Upholster?


Before you replace a couch, consider re-upholstering it.


Ask yourself these questions:


1. Does it have sentimental value?
If it’s an antique or was your grandmother’s, it will be hard to replace.


2. What kinds of springs does it have?
Hand-tied springs are a sign of a quality piece.


3. How heavy is it?
Heavier furniture tends to be more solidly constructed.


4. How old is it?
A lot of furniture made in the last 10 years are not made as well as the older ones.


5. Has it been re-upholstered before?
If it has, it has been around for a while and will probably last quite a few more years.


If you really like the piece and it fits well in your house, then that may be the best reason to re-upholster it.



Referrals & Client Rewards


Refer a friend and receive a $15 Tim’s or gas card
when they have a cleaning done.  Make sure they
mention your name!


All Clients get 10% off their cleanings or 15% off
when they clean every 6 months!


Write a review and enter to win a $15 Tim’s or Pioneer
gas card!  Facebook, Google or
Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and find the
new buttons!


Don’t forget I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
or I will re-clean it for Free!




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